Different kinds of Amusment Theme Park Attractions

You know what carousels are, the roller coasters, and the Ferris wheels are. Are you aware of the term, “dark ride” and “flat ride” and asked what it meant?

As with the people who are working in any kind field, those who are working in the amusement business, either creating attractions for amusement and theme parks or employed in the theme parks themselves, and have their special personalized jargon and lingo. Let us now discover some of the most common kinds of rides and in time, you will be talking like an industry insider.

The Dark Ride

The dark ride is the industry term for most of the amusement or theme park rides that aid vehicles to transport passengers to the indoor surroundings and through a cycle of tableaus or scenes. Ride vehicles take numerous forms, like cars on the track, boats that are floating in the channel of water and the trackless vehicles.

In the premature days of the amusement parks, the classic dark rides like the Coney Island Spook-A-Rama was always designed to fright the guests with stunts like the light-up skeletons. Now, attractions like the cheerful, bright “it’s a small world” are not spooky or dark at all, but they are still believed to be “dark” rides. Most of the dark rides, tried to tell us a story, while there are some that are just a compilation of random sceneries. Many dark rides, like a Buzz Lightyear charm at Disney parks, now it has interactive features such as onboard guns that score points and will compete towards the other passengers.​

Dark rides are also called as the spook houses, haunted rides and Haunted Mansion exterior that is in Disneyland is just an example.

haunted rides

The Flat Ride

The “flat ride” pertains to the attractions at the amusement parks, fairs, theme parks and carnivals that normally spin around. They normally contain a rounded platform and are situated on the ground.

The word applies to generally broad types of rides. Depending on the speed and some other factors, they can or cannot be thought as thrill rides. Low-profile, low-impact attractions and slow-moving is normally grouped to the sub-group, kiddie rides, and are anticipated for young riders. The more thrilling level rides that contains high speeds and some other disorienting skin tones are warmly known in the entertainment industry as “spin-and-puke,” “spin-and-spew,” or “whirl-and hurl” rides.

Some samples of the flat rides include:

Dumbo ride of a Flying Elephant style at Disney World, Flying Bobs, Gravitron, Round Up, Spinning teacups, Scrambler, Tilt-A-Whirl, Wave swing/ Swing ride / Yo-Yo and The Cup and Saucer.

Spinning teacups

The 4D Ride

The 4D attraction integrates 3D content that needs 3D glasses together with the other sensory development like the theatrical fog, seat pokers, water misters, and to the more fully submerge guests in an encounter. Sometimes, the 4D “ride” is more of a theater-based appeal like the Shrek 4-D at the parks of Universal Studios. Most of the theater-based appeal like Shrek had seats that are moving slightly, so the feature may get blurry.

Sometimes, park guests encounter 4D rides in transportation, like the Disney Toy Story Mania. In these instances, the appeals are 4D rides and hybrids of dark rides. Most of the parks pertain to the attractions as “5D,” “6D,” or the higher aspect of “D.” They believe that each of the sensations that they are targeting with effects, like the touch and smell, as an added “D” to the 3D, or the 3-dimensional visual subject.

4D attraction

The Motion Simulator Ride

The motion simulator ride assisted with seats that shift in sync with the spotted-view media expected onto the screen to give viewers with an illusion that they were moving and participating physically in action. Most of the motion simulator rides were presented in some theaters of different sizes. Although the viewers never transfer more than the few inches in a direction, they can still feel as if they were accelerating speed, free falling, wildly, and some other sensations.

One of the initial, the motion simulator rides at the Disney parks is a Star Tours. It assisted 40-passenger cabins that were mounted on the motion bases. Some other rides applied a variety of motion base configurations. The person seats might own their personal motion controls; at times, rows or sections of the seats move together. There are times that the theater was split into sections of seating arrangement like that one in a movie, with each part having its personal motion base. Most of the motion simulator rides were also 4D rides. The sub-genre of this concept is a roving motion base and the Star Tours Disney ride is just one of the rides here.

Star Tours Disney ride

Some other kinds of Rides in the Theme Park

There are a many other ride group at the amusement and theme parks. Among them are the: Drop tower rides, like the Disney-Twilight Zone Tower of 6 Flags’ Lex Luthor and Terror: Drop of Doom, which either gradually transmit passengers high into the air and have them dive down, propel from the ground at the high speed up on the tower and have them freefall downward, or some mixtures of the two.

The water rides with log flume rides and the river rapids ride that use water-based transportation to deliver thrills.

The flying theater rides like the Soarin’, which apply rows of seats and domed screens that rise to the air to create the senses of flying.


The GPL Amusement Southport Theme Park includes some of these attractions. You will find different kinds of attraction for all ages and interest. All it takes is to take a step and have a taste of the thrill and adventure.

What are the Top Australian Theme Parks?

For those families, thrill seekers and for anybody in between, that is seeking for the next adrenaline to fill their day ahead of them; these theme parks can provide them that adrenaline rush.

Fun and theme parks, go hand in hand, so if you are after having fun, a day out in one of the best theme parks must be on your bucket lists.

In our modest opinions, the five names of theme parks are the best of them all when you are in Australia. They are packed that is full of rides, carnival entertainment and games that fits our little and big kids. For teens and those young at heart, the theme park is all about the excitement of testing the will towards the fastest, the highest, and the most dizzying ride of all. These rides will not be open all day, so you have to get it now or your day will be done nothing.

Luna Park

Milsons Point, Sydney / OR / 2. St. Kilda, Melbourne

It is not important whether you are in Melbourne or in Sydney, this is a must-visit Park not just because of their rides also because of their views. In Sydney, the Luna Park is at Milsons Point up to the scenery of the known Harbour Bridge, while in Melbourne, it is a smack-bang on Beach of St. Kilda. The entry into this park is absolutely free, and there are different ticket options to choose from with their rides, like the family park passes, annual passes and the  unlimited passes.

Luna Park

Jamberoo Action Park

Jamberoo Road, Jamberoo

Control that actions and take hold of that reins in this most adored water park. About an hour to drive to the south of Sydney and it is a thing of childhood reminiscences with about 10 watery worlds that you can explore and more slides and tides, rides, then you may shake in. There are also pools for any age bracket, but if there is one ride that you must conquer, this is the Funnel Web, and this features the hugest spider sculpture in the world. This is definitely a must see amusement park to believe in.

Warner Bros Movie World

Pacific Motorway, Gold Coast

Meet-up a superhero or be flooded with your most preferred starlet at the Movie World of Warner Bros. The theme park is a part studio and a part amusement park that is totally fun at all. Take a trip at the backlog to witness demonstrations about how professionals are making movie magic in their studio, witness the most famous sets in a movie, or just endure the thrilling themed superhero rides like a star that you are.

Warner Bros Movie World


Sea World Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast

The Seaworld in Gold Coast tenders a pure fun for your whole family, with the animals, rides and those amusements in your fingertips. At the marine life show includes dolphins, seals, polar bears, sharks and rays, penguins, and the ride group with the adventure on the high seas.


Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera, Gold Coast

This amusement park is on top one of the list because it has been voted as number one in the South Pacific among the Amusement Park and Water Parks and has been named as one of the best theme parks in the world by Adioso. If you need an even more convincing reason why this is the number one, it is because, it is the biggest theme park, it boasts 9 big thrilling rides, shows and the Tiger Island, and the family-friendly rides. The tiger island is a sanctuary where the visitors may have a personal and up-close experience with the different tiger species.


GPL Amusement Southport Theme Park

Southport, Queensland

When visiting Australia and got the chance to stayed in Southport. The whole family will enjoy the experience of thrill and excitement in GPL amusement. WIth over 100 years experience in running outdoor family entertainmen, they surely know how to create unforgetable fun memories.